In this article, Keith Boggs, a licensed home inspector in Dallas, TX, explains common home inspection myths and misconceptions.

Myth # 1: All home components are inspected.
Inspectors are limited visually. Home inspection is not a “CSI type” of inspection. Home inspectors do not dismantle major systems in order to inspect them. Home inspectors will remove panel covers and access covers but an inspector will not use destructive means in order to inspect an item. Home inspectors can not see through walls or under a slab (if we could we would be called Superman, not inspectors). Thousands of materials and components are used when building a home. While at the home the inspector will focus on the essentials and high risk areas.

Myth #2: A home inspection is expensive. 

The price of a home inspection is based on the square footage of the home and what other items are to be inspected like a pool, spa, etc. An average home inspection in the Dallas- Fort Worth area costs $300-$350. That is a nominal cost in the investment of a home and could save you thousands of dollars later if there are issues with the home you did not know about because you didn’t get a home inspection.

Myth # 3: The home inspector will be looking for problems.

The home inspector is there reporting on the general condition of the structure. The report will certainly include both positive and negative items.

Myth # 4: All items found in need of repair, must be fixed before closing

Many homes are sold with disclosed defects. Your real estate agent will negotiate with all parties per the purchase agreement. The home inspectors findings my have some bearing on the property value and will be of use during the repair/price negotiations.

Myth # 5: A home inspection eliminates the risk in purchasing a home.

Home inspectors reduce risk of costly repairs and reduce the risk of hazardous conditions and report on general components.

Myth # 6: A home inspector is a specialist in all areas of construction.

Home inspectors are generalists. Our training/ experience will help us assess issues and bring them to the client. A licensed home inspector has been trained in inspection techniques and methods. Home inspectors are required to complete continuing education making them thorough and proficient. In some cases experts may need to be called to evaluate a certain area. As a reputable home inspector in the Dallas – Fort Worth area I would never hesitate to refer to an expert that is specialized in a certain area of concern if additional findings are needed.

Myth # 7: When I have a home inspection it means no repairs or maintenance expense will be needed right away.

The home inspector is not there to report every little imperfection. The home inspection is not a warranty that repairs will not be needed. All homes are in some state of aging and deterioration. It does happen from time to time to have something breakdown after the inspection and before closing. However, serious issues are not likely to be overlooked.

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