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Would You Like to Save Money on Your Next Home Purchase?

Who wouldn’t? I can’t make guarantees about how much money you can save, but I can confidently say that as a home inspection Frisco licensed inspector I’ve helped many home-buyers just like you, experience savings on their purchase via my home inspections in Frisco TX.

I helped Jennifer do exactly that – take a look at what she had to say:

My experience with Stonebriar Property Inspections was stellar. Keith was referred to me by several people who had already worked with him and were very satisfied with the quality of his inspection. He was easy to schedule with, very patient with me, and ALL of my questions. He identified several key areas that needed repair which helped us negotiate on the sales price. I wish all the service people I worked with had the professionalism and work ethic Keith does. You rock, Keith!

How do I help you save money when purchasing a home? As a home inspection Frisco inspector, why do so many people like working with me, so much so that they return again when they upgrade to a new home?

Here are 5 reasons why people love my home inspections in Frisco TX:

  1.  Highly detailed reports help you understand exactly what you should pay – You receive one of the most thorough home inspections in the Frisco, Texas area. Each inspection investigates 600 different points and includes 80-100 digital images. I even toss in a nice freebie – I’ll take the model and serial numbers off the appliances when possible, and then check to see if they have any outstanding recalls.
  2.  You get peace of mind, knowing you receive an accurate inspection – I thrive on routine, and that’s evidenced when I perform your home inspection, which is done the same way every time. You will know the exact condition of the home you’re about to purchase, and you will greatly reduce the chances of finding an expensive repair once you move in. Check out what satisfied customer Evan B. of Dallas has to say: “I bought another house and used Keith again. He’s thorough and really cares about his job. I’ll always call him whenever I need a house inspection.”
  3. You get personal, down-to-earth service – My main concern is that you fully understand the exact condition of your home. I won’t try to use complex language to sound like an expert. I’ll tell you in layman’s terms everything you need to know. If you need a home inspection in Frisco, TX during the evening or weekend, I’m happy to accommodate.
  4.  An established reputation for home inspection excellence – I’ve been doing home inspections in Frisco for years and have a great reputation with homebuyers and realtors. Feel free to Google “Keith Boggs reviews” or “Stonebriar Property Inspections reviews” to see what people are saying.
  5.  25 years of related industry experience – I’ve worked hands-on in the construction industry, bought and sold surveying equipment, and have performed home inspections in Frisco, Texas for the past several years. This collective experience provides you with sound judgment regarding the condition of the home you are about to purchase. Don’t risk taking on a costly repair or overpaying for your next home!

My concern is that you fully understand the exact condition of the home you are about to purchase. I don’t want you to get trapped in a money pit!

To protect yourself from overpaying for your next home or taking on an unexpected costly repair, contact Stonebriar Property Inspections!

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