What a qualified home inspector does for a home buyer and why you need one in your corner when purchasing a home

When purchasing a home there are so many things to be concerned about. Especially for first-time home buyers this experience can be a crash course in which you are force fed information at a brain numbing rate. And while dealing with all of this, you must keep a vigilant eye on your best interest.

Recognizing your allies during this process is important; and, can also relieve a lot of stress. Being able to trust your realtor and loan officer is essential. Your realtor should also suggest adding another member into your “circle of trust”, a home inspector. Your home inspector is a valuable asset who can save you not only grief, but thousands of dollars.

Once your offer has been accepted by the seller, you enter the critical stage known as the “option period”. This is the time your home inspector will be brought in. Your realtor and home inspector will arrange a day and time with the sellers. Your inspector will then make a thorough inspection of your new home.

A detailed home inspector will be looking at everything; from the foundation and structural integrity, to the condition of doors and window screens. Upon completing the home inspection, he will write up a report and present any issues to you, the buyer; as well as your realtor. This home inspection report will be your “ace in the hole” in further negotiations and possible contract addendums.

This is the one opportunity for the buyer to request any and all repairs, financial compensation; or, in the most extreme cases, walk away from the house. In addition to being a bargaining chip, the information your home inspector gives you can help point out any troubles that you may face down the road with your home.

Your inspector may suggest installing rain gutters around the perimeter of your roof. This will help protect your foundation, especially with the moisture and heat flux Texas soil is exposed to. In addition to the financial peace of mind, he will help insure the safety of you and your family in your new home. He will insure all outlets are up to code, he will see that your water heater pressure relief valve is properly functioning, and he will make sure there are no fire hazards; such as, insulation build up around your chimney flume.

These are just a few examples of what a qualified home inspector does for a home buyer.

Again, there are an overwhelming number of details to stress about during the home buying process. Having an excellent home inspector in your pocket will insure that buying a dangerous money pit is not one of them.

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