Home inspectors report on many different areas.

Mechanical and structural components will be evaluated from top to bottom. These areas will include the roof cover/ roof structure, foundation/ drainage, exterior walls, windows, doors, chimney stack, patios, decks, driveways, walkway, attics, electrical panel boxes/ branch outlets, cooling systems, heating systems, bedrooms, bathrooms, locks, latches and much more.

How long will a home inspection take?

A good rule of thumb is for every 1,000 square feet a home inspector should spend about one hour. So if a home is 3,000 sq ft the home inspector should be there for roughly 3 hours. Older homes in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and homes that have not been well maintained may take longer.

Home buyers often ask if they should be there for the home inspection. Yes, with out a doubt, you should attend, but it is not necessary to be there for the entire home inspection. The home inspector needs to focus in order to reduce the chance of missing any issues, if the buyer if there asking questions through the entire process it can become distracting. You should show up near the end of the inspection to go over the findings with the home inspector. The review process should last 30-60 minutes, based on questions and issues at hand.

What Is the Price of a Home Inspection?

Are you wondering How much does a home inspection cost? We have the answer to that question, and more questions in our home inspection resource and FAQ section.

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