Roof Inspection Resources

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Roofing defects are commonly identified during a home inspection. They could be minor issues, for example, loose or missing shingles, defective flashing, or gutter damage. Or they could be more major defects, like inadequate structural support, chimney damage, or significant faults that can lead to major water damage and mold.

It’s not uncommon to find roofs that are in serious need of replacement — something that any home buyer wants to know before they come to a final agreement with the seller.

To learn more about what’s involved in a roof inspection, check out these resources we’ve collected.

The effects of hail on residential roofing products

Residential roofing evaluation

A predictive tool for estimating tornado-induced damage to residential structures–Application to the 2015 Garland/Rowlett, TX tornado

The effects of hail on residential roofing products

Indicator of residential roof strength in wind

Damage analysis of the Mesquite, Texas tornado

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